Welcome to the ‘Kids Learning Casa’ Preschool & Daycare.

Our Vision

Education is an ART, of inducing concepts clearly in children according to their mental capability with moderate facilitation.

Our Objectives

In Preprimary 2.5 to 6 years duration children getting occupied for few hours in a day to understand practical life activities in a play way method. Which intern help children in holistic development.

Our Approaches

Child gain basic knowledge from home, as they grow their knowledge widen. But under one roof learning multiple concepts through vast categorisation in a systematic way is only from School.

Little About Kids Learning Casa Preschool

KLC is one of the superlative pre-primary school located in Kariammana Agrahara, Bellandur. After all the ground work we have comprehended that children at Pre-primary level should be eased to become fundamentally strong and holistically developed throughout their learning cycle, To accomplish we have started our journey in 2017 and completed two successful academic years.

Are children really meant to project academic excellence to brand the school from 2.5 years?

When this question aroused KLC concentrated beyond by focusing on different strategies which can make children learn different concepts through exciting methods.

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Kids Learning Casa Teaching Approaches

KLC is one and only preschool concentrate in integration of all 6 approaches in method of teaching which are available source for our tiny tots to intake qualitative and quantitative knowledge.

J J Rousseau

Nursery System

Play way method of learning through singing, dancing, indoor-outdoor games and Edutrips.

Friedrich Froebel

Kindergarten System

Learning through Conceptual emphasized Gifts (Play Materials).

Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Method

Learning individually or in a group through Initial Activities and Example of Practical Life Activities.

Lucy S Mitchell

Bank street approach

Children are excited into Discovery, Questioning and Exploration with Flexible Curriculum to help children developing inner control and external discipline. Also mastery of symbolic skills.

Loris Malaguzzi

Reggio Emilia approach

This approach help children learn from environment. The classrooms are organized rich in environment.

Rudolf Steiner

WALDORF Approach

Children are triggered into Mental, Emotional and Physical activities by 3 driving forces Head, Heart and Hands (3H's).

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